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This album is accompanied by a book that will be released at a later date. For more information, please visit SPARESPELLS.COM


released April 8, 2017

Written / Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Mastered by Travis Keats Ross (Revel Rosz) ©We, The Hallowed / The Revel Revival

REVEL ROSZ - Vox, Baritone Gtr, Keys, Percussion, Sequencing, Soundscapes, Audiomancy
JUSTIN SHELP - Lead Gtr, vox, soundscapes
JOEL HATMAKER - Drums / Percussion
RéN ROSZ - Vocals / Percussion / Keys

Album art: Mural by Patricia Mera, Photography by Leo York, Design by Travis Keats Ross



all rights reserved


SPARE ∆ SPELLS Portland, Oregon



Ren Rosz (of WE, THE HALLOWED)


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Track Name: Shake, Shiver, Shout
Beyond the forcefield

Of a really dumb spell…

Worse than taking a life

Is to give someone hell

Shake and shiver

Shake and shiver, shout

Any measure

Any way to get out

Caught in the weeds

Where you began

You forget where you came from

From the salt

From the rains

From the dust

Whence you came

Shake and shiver

Shake and shiver, shout

We’ve been held up for days

Where to run to?

I haven’t a clue

Do you?

©TRAVIS KEATS ROSS (Revelator Rosz)
Track Name: Terraform
We were dead stars

Then we were bone

Atoms floating in the blackest cold

Our atoms moaned

Between the folds of shadows

Or so I was told

The groans bellowed in a rhythmic pace

Binding our drones

Splintered in space

Terraforming to your mother’s pulse

As it races

To be and breathe

But you can’t win

To yell and grieve

You can’t win

Even after all the luck it took

For you to win back then
Track Name: Neither / Neither
I went and bit it when I was nine
Home alone, electrified
Fade to black
No, fade to white
The TV static was alive

Never odd
Never even
Never odd or even

Suddenly my home’s a desert
But that was always true before
And though these new walls
they may be crooked
At least they’re quiet
with no phantoms absorbed in the boards

Neither present nor comatose
Neither ghost nor live host
In between the static of a perfect picture
Is the past, is the future, lies the…

Unseen atmosphere caught up in the snare
Existing neither here
Existing neither there
Can’t sense the feeling
Bias isn’t there
Apathy is excess
and luck is always fair

Unseen atmosphere existing neither here nor there

Never odd
Never even
Never odd or even

©Travis Keats Ross 2017
Track Name: Black Tom
Black tom was a wounded man

Before he had a deft hand

Never prone to violence

But angry since the world began

How do grown folks keep on going

When they’re not yet dead

But laying on the floor

From a life they know’s a hoax

Do they straighten their bones

Tidy their homes?

Or bask in the light of the coming unknown?

When the fog settles to haze

And the heartbeat’s calming

In a luminous moon phase

Horizons are dawning

This is what old Black Tom said

When asked about the curse

Of the young man’s death:

How could he die

When he was not alive?

That is far more of a complex hex

In a luminous moon phase

Horizons are dawning

Oh, Black Tom

Black tom was a wounded man

Before he had a deft hand

Never prone to violence

But angry since the world began
Track Name: Tzim-Tzum
They come and go

They build monuments of elevated woe

They creep and crawl

From the dregs of tired cities

When they fall

After the flood

When the rain buries all the week ones

You can never come out

They dim the Tzim Tzum

Hey, don’t float away

Just be tethered to the place

Where your unseen awaits

I lie awake

In the drift


Yet present in a twist

Just a ghost in a quiet place

I dim my mind to see your fate

I lie awake

In the drift


More present in a twist

Maybe I’m fucking crazy

But I can’t tell what they’re there for anymore

Sorry, it doesn’t phase me

I’m more disconnected than I was before

Dim the Tzim Tzum
Track Name: The Final Girl
Raised in the wake

Of her father’s mistakes

Her bones evidence

Of his past regrets

She hears him cursing while he prays

Beneath the neon rays

That read Jesus Saves

She thought, what a petty absolution

To be within

But he takes her in his grave

To be without

But he takes her in his grave

Another final girl

Running from the world

“I’m not the final girl!”

To you the Narrows are filled with unheard

The deep ground underbelly of the absurd

To her it’s a means to make an honest earth

Behind her, now without God’s words

She’s not the final girl

Running from the world

But she keeps on running, always running

Sleeping under street lights

Underneath the star shine

This is what freedom looks like
Track Name: Hexorcism
All the crooked cops

Turning blind eyes for a dime

Selling out their virtues

Like they're dealing out price guides

And they would rid us all

If they could even run

But why run at all?

You can't escape a gun, no

Swarming in the mines

Of the culturally refined

The less we hex

The more we have sunshine

And you could keep it all

All your fancy lives

All your cold drinks

Let the rats and the bats
And the other pests that
You tried to snuff
Band together, had enough
Of those bones you've thown
Try to relish in our groans
Band together, had enough
Leave us alone